The doctor's words echoed through my mind, " You have a tumor the size of a lemon. I want to operate and remove it if it grows to the size of a grapefruit." What is it with doctors and citrus fruit! It seems that while I was pregnant and growing my lovely fourth child inside my baby nest, I had also grown a tumor. Was this an unspoken desire to somehow have twins? What had I done to myself? I wondered if I could some how release it non-surgically. I do not want to be operated on.

Later that evening while laying my head on my special dream pillow, a feather pillow I had since childhood, thoughts flew through my mind like a flock of birds in the spring. I molded the pillow around my face seeking the memories of my mother's caring love to try to quiet my mind's continuing chatter.

In the twilight between the waking and sleeping states of consciousness , I began to have a lucid dream. It was one of those dreams that feels real...as if it were really happening ...a part of me was actually there. I could feel myself flying through clouds...clouds as confusing as the thoughts in my head. I tightened the pillow around me as if to stop the dream. But I couldn't. I was being taken from my bed...drawn out of my body into the unknown.

In the blink of an eye I was pulled into a room full of light, unlike any room I have ever seen. Stunned and curious I began to look around. Still existing in that ethereal twightlight world I began to feel like I was in an actual algebraic equation.

Twelve sparkling walls made of granite and mica gave the illusion of wet mirrors. The walls reached up over thirty feet to where a skylight captured the sun entering the crown of the room, unusual and intimidating. It looked as if the sun slid down the walls, shimmering and reflecting from one wall to another. There was a magic in this reflected sunlight darting back and forth and down into the center of the room. The warmth was so comfortable and perfect, as if inside of a protective womb.

Directly under the crown window was a large stone slab also covered with mica. The top was imbedded with hundreds of small tourmaline crystal balls. Similar to the walls, it reflected the sunlight, not reflecting and re-reflecting as the walls did, but reflecting all the light into one particular space in the air. A tall willowy man stood at the point of the light's focus resting on the center of his chest to an amulet that hung from a golden chain. The amulet looked like a many faceted stalagtight, all sparkling off rainbows in every direction. He was dressed in a white robe that hung down to his feet. He had a belt of braided red and black cloth.

A shorter and equally long and flowing woman dressed in the same type of robe with a red braided belt came in the room and asked the sun drenched man if he was prepared. "Yes Alta-Marta, I am prepared." he replied.

She left the room and re-entered with a small and swollen bellied boy in her arms cradled like a baby. She lay the listless child on the slab of tourmaline topped granite. The child's eyes opened wide as if somewhat refreshed by being in this room. "I am your lifter, but you can call me Beta. That is my laughing name. Have you ever been lifted?" the man asked.

"No, I haven't," the young boy replied, " but I saw it happen on the scene screen."

There is nothing to it. My amulet works with the light setting up a force field of refracted energy. There will be a vibration pull toward the spot where I am standing. When you feel this pull, all you need to do is surrender your Soul to me. I will channel energy through my hands and lift you out of your body."

The boy smiled. "We can either go on an astral travel," Beta continued, "or we can stay in the healing room and watch the Alta do her work. Which would you prefer?"

"I would like to go on an astral travel" the boy replied. " Can we travel the mountain lake?"

"All right," the lifter said.

At this point Alta-Marta came forward. Her robe took on an iridescent quality. She had a tray of carved rose quartz crystal in her hands . The tray glowed with light which came from inside and shone upwards, illuminating the instruments that lay upon it. The instruments were very unusual geometric shaped rose quartz with what looked like soft, malleable almost fluid golden handles that appeared to take the shape of the healer's hand as she picked up and held each one. With her eyes closed she seemed to be in a trance focusing on each one and placing it back on the illuminated tray. When she was complete and had touched each instrument she opened her eyes and made eye contact with Beta.

They spoke no words, but a humming dissonant sound started to well up in their throats and after what seemed like a lifetime they co-created a singular sound. I recognized the sound. I could not figure out where I had heard it before. Maybe it was a deja-vu. They kept toning the sound, which seemed to leave them and be with them at the same time. As the sound built up, echoes of more sounds and tones seemed to come from the walls. When they completed their vocal tones the sounds remained bouncing off of one wall or another. The sounds continued on with a life of their own flowing into the background relaxing and cradling me. I felt as if I could inhale these tones and fill myself up with them.

The light which was at first bright and white and becoming reflected rainbows off Beta's amulet soon became a clear turquoise, as clear and gently viscous as tropical waters. As he moved and sat down on a stool shaped slab at the foot of the healing table, the light moved within him somehow attached to the amulet.

Alta-Mart stood next to her healing tools, which she had formerly placed on a stone table near the boy's head. She took a deep breath and looked at her instruments and then at the child as if to assess what she needed to do and to determine which tools were to be used.

While the woman looked at her tools the Lifter readjusted the amulet at the center his chest, and channeled the light out into his arms and into his hands. The light energy seemed to pour out of the center of the palm of his hands and flowed over to the young boy gently sliding under his body. With his astral hands secure Beta rose up out of the crown of his own head and astrally flew over to the side of the slab where the boy was lying. I looked at Beta's physical body and it was somewhat hunched over, as if he had fallen asleep sitting up. There was a silver cord of energy that went out of the crown of Beta's physical body and over to his astral body.

With his astral arms underneath the boy he lifted, sifted and strained his the boy's soul out. The boy seemed to have an electrically charged etheric astral body that resembled his physical body also. The boy's physical body, an empty shell, remained peacefully laying on the slab. The child looked older in his astral body, but Beta's astral likeness appeared the same age as his physical body. Their astral bodies rose slowly up into the room and towards the sky lit at the top of the room.

Alta-Marta looked up and watched them fly through the lights and out of the crown window until they were gone. Then she looked back at the young boy's body. She placed both of her hands on the child's head, covering his ears with her fingers widespread and wrapped snugly around his head. She then placed her forehead directly onto his forehead. She stayed like this for some time then suddenly and abruptly she pulled her head away from his as if she had been given her healing orders. She started to work with great deliberation.

She reached her hand over to her tools without looking at them. Her eyes were riveted on the child's abdominal area. A triangular crystal with a soft gold handle flew into her hand. Awe-struck, I watched the butter knife sized tool snap into the palm of her hand. She quickly sliced his abdomen open. There was no blood! She had made a completely bloodless incision. Alta then passed her hand, palm down, over the open incision. Scooping the same hand into the boy's abdomen, she took out what looked like an appendix. At the same moment another tool, a flat square edged with the same liquid gold snapped into her other hand. She flung it up into the air and placed the appendix on the crystal that was levitated in mid-air. Then she then used her psychokinetic abilities again to direct a crystal ball inches over the young boy's abdominal area. Still his physical shell lay peaceful on the tourmaline imbedded slab.

She took a very small pinch of what appeared to be powdered crystal and dusted her hands. Her hands took on a glow, the same glow that illuminated from the tray. She reached up and cupped the appendix in them holding it for several minutes. When she pulled her hands back, the appendix glowed. She pointed her finger at the square rose quartz crystal in mid-air and moved it, again without physical means, and returned the appendix to the child's physical shell. For a split second it looked as if the crystals were dancing and moving around all by themselves. She worked so fast that the crystal ball, the triangular spatula, the crystal square and appendix all seemed to know where to go by themselves.

She smoothed out the incision with the palm of her hand. One cross over with her hand and the abdomen looked as if it had never been cut. She repeated passing the palm of her hand over the boy's abdominal area. An aura of multi-colored energy glowed off the boy and she smoothed out inch by inch each layer of his rainbowed aura. She began by stroking the flesh, then moved up three inches at a time until all the layers of the rainbow around his physical body were smooth.

The child's physical body looked as if he hadn't been touched, so calm and peaceful, so perfect and relaxed as if in a renewing sleep. The tonal sounds and clear turquoise light were still alive and filling the room. Each tool moved back to it's original space on the illuminated tray.

Just as Alta-Marta looked up to the crown of the room where the sun shown in, two etheric figures came through the crown window and gently slipped down thorough the turquoise energy. Beta landed smoothly and guided the child's astral body down in a hammock of energy. As Beta lowered the astral body back into the boy's physical likeness, there was a slight change in the child's skin color. A glow, a slight pinkness of life, came into his complexion. He opened his eyes and without saying a word he sat up and reached for the Alta and Beta's hands. They toned together. As their new sounds played with the old sounds, the old ones disappeared, and the light changed back to that of normal sunlight.

I woke up to the sound of Sarah's small voice. When my eye's opened I saw her bright face smiling at me. She twinkelingly winked, a part of her 3 year old personality that I loved, and said "Pancakes?"

"Pancakes!?!", I thought...sure... and I crawled out of bed.

The morning California light in the kitchen gave me that feeling of still dreaming as I walked and talked. As I slowly began to pull my consciousness farther out of my lucid dream, Sarah was pulling ingredients out of the fridge...butter...eggs...milk...In my half awake state I was finding the necessary measuring cups and iron skillet from the cupboards and dishwasher.

Wrapped up in thought and making pancakes on automatic I was still somewhat entrenched in my lucid dream. How easy ridding myself of my lemon tumor would be if Alta-Marta could operate on me. "How silly" I thought, "...it was just a dream...lucid but a dream." I must have been spaced out into my thoughts because I looked down at the bowl of pancake batter and noticed that Sarah had put in a hand full of chocolate chips.

For days and weeks after the dream I became intensely interested in taking control of my health. I began to meditate on mental control over the healing process. Was it an attitude? How could I communicate with my immune system? I began to realize that there was need of a healing program to add to Heartsong's clairvoyant reading and counseling program. My experienced lucid dream made clairvoyant reading without healing seem flat and empty...just words.

The tones in my dream had enchanted me. We started tone healings at Heartsong. We were becoming true heartsingers, toning for whole health. Some of our sounds were familiar like Alta-Marta's, some like American Indian chants, and some were so unusual that I was sure I had never heard them on the planet before. Local channel 7 invited us on Front Row Video. With our heartsongs and tones they won an emmy for the show.

I could not stop remembering the female healer of my dream and how she controlled her crystal healing tools to move, dancing about six inches over the boy's physical shell. What should I call it? Levitation, teleportation, telekinesis or psychokinesis? I wondered how she did it. I must return and make contact with her.

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