Conscious Dream Visit with Alta-Marta

Even though several months had passed, the lucid dream I experienced was as alive inside of me, as if it happened just yesterday. I was obsessed. I wanted to see the healer again. I had so many questions. What abilities did she use? How did she move the crystals? What kind of training did she have? Was everyone like her in her world? Who was she? Where was she? What century? And most important, could she help me rid my body of the tumor?

I had several aborted attempts at revisiting her but lacked the control I needed to consciously direct my astral travels. One night I placed a rose quartz crystal under my pillow and tried to program my night's astral wanderings to no avail. Another night I meditated for one hour just before I went to sleep to calm and quiet me, but no dreams occurred. I even tried the misty sauna just before bedtime thinking that an hour in a somewhat viscous room may encourage vision of the ethereal astral energies. Nothing had worked. My dreams were still blank.

This time I decided to try it in the middle of the day... which previously I found hard to create with my children. Possibly an afternoon nap when my body was not exhausted from my day as mother would carry more of my conscious awareness to the dream state. Now to entertain my three younger children in a way that I could trust to tend them safely. They needed to be engrossed in something other than what I was doing.

"God bless the video machine," I thought as I prepared a space in time for myself. Busying the children with one of their favorite video movies in front of the one-eyed baby-sitter and a dish full of apple wedges, carrot sticks, celery and almond butter should quell any bored or hungry interruption during my meditational nap.

I giggled to myself at their reaction and comments when I told them I was going on an astral trip. "Please don't go Mommy! We want you to be here!" How relieved they were when I told them that on an "astral trip" my body would stay in the house because it would be sleeping. I would be dream voyaging. I reassured them that I would be totally available to them if they needed me. All they would have to do is call out "mom" or touch my physical body, and I would wake up immediately.

"I will be in the creativity room, right near my desk. I will also keep my heart cords to each of you...our special connection" I reminded them.

Even since my first child was born I have been wide awake, aware, and available at all times...even during sleep... as if my love for them became an invisible umbilical cord attached to each of them from my heart. I love them so much... my heart was wide open, making me available at every moment no matter where I was or what I was doing...they were always more important. Their well being was a priority in my life...the most important thing to which everything else comes second.

Every moment as a mom was immediate and right here right now. Having my babies was the most spiritual act of my life...and still remains so. Most of the time all any one of them had to do was think of me and I walked into the room where they were. It was uncanny and very obviously a strong telepathic connection which I enjoyed and encouraged it within myself. My biggest challenge with these young souls entrusted to me was to not use this connection to manipulate them. I get enormous joy from watching their personalities unfold, naturally with only my guidance and not my interference. I loved to watch and observe who they were and how they manifest that special who...their pure, unique and untouched souls.

With these thoughts in my mind, I realized that could trust my mother-love connection to keep watch over my precious beloved's. It has never and would not fail me now. I could relax , light nap and lucid dream...this time with control and deliberation...not to be taken there, but to go there...not to be pulled out-of-body...but to leave my body consciously. I ached for control of my psychic abilities. It was no longer a curiosity but a matter of life. I needed to rid my body of the tumor and continue my psychic development so that I could get on with raising my little telepaths.

Walking through the dinning room an inviting stream of light flowing from my creativity room reached out to me. Located on the south side of the house gave it a continuous sun drenched light that always inspired me. I needed all the inspiration I could get for my anticipated voyage. My shadow self entered my mind and began to chatter... "What makes you think you can be psychic? You're not even clairvoyant! Maybe you're crazy?"

I wondered if I was indeed crazy. No one else in my family was interested in psychic awareness. I started to get into my shadow's jabbing questions. "No! No I'm not going to go there!" I said emphatically.

"What if you can't get back in your body after you leave? What if another spirit takes over your body? What if meet up with evil spirits?"

"Oh shadow self with your eloquent, fearful, and invalidating mind chatter", I said out loud, " you might as well stop playing on my doubts and fears because I am going to use every psychic technique there is to quiet you. I am doing this even if I don't believe I can and even if you try to bother me!"

Glowing before me was Crystal Heaven permanently located in the center of our creativity room. Crystal Heaven's twelve large quartz crystals usually surrounded my desk chair to enhance my writings, but this time I had placed a soft pink rug in the center giving me an oval crystal energy nest to lay down in.

After I situated myself, again I had to deal with my invalidating and most judgmental shadow self. For a moment the negating shadow voice went into the background like the sound of trees rustling in the wind. With my eyes closed I nestled into my Crystal Heaven and noticed my breath. My breathing needed to be calm with deep and even breaths. With every inhalation I postulated to breathe in my own soul's essence energy. Most psychic exercises were hard for me because I was not a clairvoyant...I did not see energy...I felt it and heard it...but I could not see it.

My shadow self came forward and taunted me again. "If you were to be psychic you would be able to see". I ignored the doubt and began to breathe in and out... "How do you know this is the true soul energy?" ...still ignoring this ever chattering voice I went on with the exercise. As I continued forward with my conscious focus on my breath...and only my breath... my shadow self began to fade. Like a white noise good old shadow self became part of my meditation.

After awhile I was no longer bothered by the doubt and fearful chatter. I soon became absorbed by my readiness to lucid dream. Breathing in my soul essence energy and breathing out all other's energy. I began to relax. The cells in my body began to feel heavy. Every cell in my back touched and became one with the soft pink rug and the floor on which I lay. Still breathing in myself and letting go of every one and everything else, I began to feel centered and focused.

This was a deep felt different right from the start. I sent a beam of my soul's light from the base of my spine down into the center of the Earth to ground my energy body. When my grounding cord of light touched the exact geographical center of the Earth...the core...I felt a gravitational pull that seemed to center me into the here...right now reality. I became intensely aware of my breath and body.

Wherever I felt tension I knew that there were energy blocks, cords or whacks. As I cleaned out my channels, chakras and aura by dumping all excess and foreign energies down my grounding cord and into the center of the Earth, my thoughts drifted . "How perfect is the balance of give and take within the universe!" The symbiotic union between myself, my unwanted energies, and the planet Earth took hold.

I always knew when my clean-out was done because of the feeling of completion that washes through me. Not having clairvoyance I had to rely on my feelings and sensations to read energy. In the background of my mind my shadow self could be heard in a whispered mumble discrediting my clairsentience. I brushed it aside maintaining my focus to insure my clean-out.

With my grounding cord secured and my energy body clean, I was ready to place my attention on reaffirming a strong silver energy cord between my physical body and my astral dream body. The silver cord would be a guiding line back to my physical body, somewhat like a bookmark in time connecting my astral body with Petey 1983.

All I needed now was perfect concentration. It was different to sleep and astral project, much different than my awake meditations. I had to tune every cell in my body to the job at hand. I needed an intent of purpose to focus on. My memories of the woman called Alta Marta was my special purpose. With her clearly in my mind I felt myself drift off into the Netherworlds.

My intent created an open runway from which my consciousness could project. I focused on leaving up through the crown of my head so I could slide into the Time Tunnel and back into past times. I knew exactly what I wanted to experience; my destination was to be moments after the healing I had witnessed several months ago in my dream. As I kept this in mind, I found myself asleep and dreaming. The Time Tunnel felt like a huge chakra...Mother Earth's chakra . My astral body was drawn into it carrying me back in time, like a leaf being drawn down a drain, to the healing temple.

No one was there. I hoped that I had come to the right place. "Why doubt yourself?" a friendly voice asked me. I turned around, and there she was, the woman healer I had come to visit. She was standing in an open doorway with sunlight shining behind her. The light was so bright it looked as if she were glowing. I was so full of questions I hardly knew where to begin.

"Why don't you begin in here?" she said as she led me through the doorway and into a large, bright open room.

"Hey, you answered my thoughts!" I exclaimed.

She smiled and winked. "And you heard me."

"How can you talk to me? How can we communicate so clearly with each other in a dream?" I marveled at the lucidity of my dream surroundings.

"Aren't you familiar with telepathy? It is not so strange for Atlanteans to speak in energy. The clairvoyants see it, the clairaudients hear it and the clairsentients feel energy. You are both a clairaudient and a clairsentient...with a static invalidation leaving you questioning if all the energy you intuit is yours or another's. Your clairvoyance has fear which blinds your vision. Often you personified this shadowy invalidation and fear into a character flaw."

"My shadow self?"


Phew, she got me. Somehow she knew me...or could read me. The implications astounded me. In her world I figured no one could lie because every one could read each other's truth by seeing, hearing or feeling energy. "I want my world to be like that!"

"In time. That is ultimately why you are here. The tumor you seek to heal is the door knob which opens you up to me and other oddities of your inner world."

I never before had such a conscious lucid dream. It was as real to me as the moments before with my children. Talking to Alta Marta was like talking to a very good friend. I looked around at my surroundings and saw the familiar slab of stone in the healing temple. "What time is it?" I thought. Then I laughed out loud... "not time of day but civilization time. Where am I in time?"

She answered, "You are in Atlantis, the concentric circled center of the world. The time is the ending of the Age of Taurus and the dawning of the Age of Aries."

"What do you mean by 'the Age of' ?"

"Every two thousand years one Age sets while another age dawns. Each Age brings about a change in the trends of human life. The Two...the twins of ego body and soul spirit will no longer witness the sharing of their worlds as one. The lower ego rules the Taurian Age. The Two ruled the Age of Gemini and brought down the fall of Lemuria."

"I have enough trouble remembering to write 1983 on my checks this year and not 1982, how can you remember and somehow really know different Ages? I mean it's such a broad time frame."

"There are less people and less happenings than in your world. I have less to consider. As I witness the Two I am at one with "

I felt a sadness wash over me. I thought it strange because I knew that I was thrilled and excited about finding this inner teacher. I was learning in psychic school to question my emotions because quite possibly I was in a clairsentiant reading mode and have become Alta Marta's emotion.

"Yes" she said answering my thought, "I share the excitement of our conscious meeting and I feel sad at the ways of the New Age before me."

I realized again that she was answering my thoughts. Her certainty and completely open telepathy was a little odd to me. My children and I were not without spoken words. With Alta Marta our thoughts were our conversation.

She did not acknowledge my continued astonishment and went right on communicating in a most natural way. "It is sad to me because it will take many centuries for the soul to resurface in daily life. We are entering into the ego of human gods and goddesses.. There will be many sacrifices in the name of the religion of the human egos. The separation of the Two will last until the Age of Aquarius, which is your time. But until then our brothers and sisters will live in the darkness and separation of their egos. When one comes along who questions and sees truth, their lives will be sacrificed as a holy one. I see only pain and suffering when the ego is born."

"What can I do?"

"Maintain your path."

"Who are you?" I asked. " This is so real. Why can we communicate so intimately right away?"

Her answer surprised me because it was unexpected. "I am you." At that moment I felt her merge into me. This was a new experience for me; but I felt no fear as our personalities began to mingle. The feelings of wholeness and the sensations of familiarity showed me that this was truth. I became acutely aware of the special relationship I had with this personality. She was my past life. We share the same soul.

Suddenly I was pulled away and snapped back to "Mommy...Mommy ...Mommy..." I heard Sarah's voice and instantly snapped back into my 1983 Petey body.

"Solomon called me a dummy!" It took me a few seconds to wake up and find the center of my head. I opened my eyes and was looking at Sarah, who was having trouble holding onto her opinion of herself.

"Sarah", I said, "do you think that you are a dummy?"

"Not" she answered, sniffing back her tears.

"Then you know your own truth, and it really doesn't matter what Solomon thinks.. Does it?" I asked.

"No it doesn't!" she said. She looked relieved. She knew that she would not have to carry Solomon's momentary opinion of her around for the rest of her life. She skipped out of Crystal Heaven back into the living room singing, "I'm not a dummy! I'm not a dummy!"

I laid back down in Crystal Heaven and went back into trance. I reestablished my grounding cord and secured my silver cord. The electromagnetic currents between the crystals enabled me to quickly return to my dream state and to the Atlantean healing temple were Alta Marta was waiting for me.

The initial shock was over. I accepted this woman as part of myself. We merged again, this time in her body. When in my Petey body, it was always a dry, crisp feeling, Aquarian by nature and as clear and crisp as a winter's day. The entry into my Alta Marta's body was a wet feeling, slippery , elusive, liquid and flowing. "Yikes! I seemed to be going beyond your physical skin. I can not stay confined in your form... as if you have no physical boundaries."

"Let go. Don't think. Don't reason. Your attachments to thought and reason keep you from experiencing me and my world. Bring your consciousness and awareness into me, Alta Marta. Your silver cord will save your future form and maintain your life with your children."

When I surrendered myself to Alta Marta and her Atlantean world instantly I became aware of her whole aura. My consciousness was contained by the boundaries of her aura, not by the boundaries of physical skin. The edges of her aura felt like physical skin, sensitive to all around it. The aura itself felt as real as the organs of my physical body. The possibilities astounded me! My sphere of influence was so much greater in this Atlantean body. Where ever the aura is, what it surrounds, is mine to have and to move. Perhaps I could control and manipulate everything within her auric sphere... chairs, tables, everything... maybe even the tumor.

In Alta Marta's auric space was a heart that deeply respected the web of connection between all of life. And so each member, place or thing was sacred and shared a respect of individual autonomy. I knew that Alta Marta would never use her abilities to control, manipulate or hurt anyone because in her world she was connected to whoever she interacted with. Alta Marta's aura felt confident and certain of herself. I did not have as confidence and certainty like this in my Petey world. I felt empowered, calm and strong in Alta Marta's body.

Eager to experiment with her aura I wanted to try to use her abilities. I remembered the healing I had witnessed in my first dream months ago when Alta Marta had moved the crystal healing tools without touching them. "Could I do that?"

"Be at one you and I and play within my body."

This merge was even more synergystic than before. We were not only merged but this time I was in control of her body. I was Alta Marta . Immediately I knew that if I wanted to move an object I had to include it in my aura. This meant that I would have to stretch my awareness to be totally conscious of the space between myself and what I wanted to move.

I expanded Alta Marta's aura out five feet and became intimately aware of the entire area that the aura filled as if it were a part of me. I noticed a glass of water on a small table next to me and thought, "How nice a quenching drink of water would taste." Just as the thought left my head, it's energy traveled at superluminal speed towards the glass of water. It was like an amebic group of massless energy particles wrapping around the glass and lifting it up towards Alta's Atlantean mouth. When the glass moved, I was amazed and then doubtful, which immediately broke the energy pattern that moved the glass. The glass fell to the floor, broke and splashed water all over Alta's feet bringing her forward with full force.

"Thanks dear, nothing like a foot bath!" We both laughed. What a warm feeling, laughing with a part of myself. It was a feeling of intimacy within myself that had been missing most of my life.

I wanted my Petey body to be as capable as Alta Marta's. I was desperate to heal the tumor. "Can I bring this memory back with me to heal the tumor?"

"Yes you can, just move the cells in your body. Tell the garbage eaters to eat up the tumor. Your immune system will respond."

"And I move them by allowing my thought of that surround the garbage eaters and bring them to the tumor?"


Alta Marta believed I could heal myself and I felt armed and empowered by her belief in me.

I felt done, complete, ripe, full of Alta Marta. I knew that she was with me now and always would be. I also knew that I could visit her reality as a special focus in time.

"Our inner world brings the light," she whispered.

I felt the Time Tunnel pulling me back into my 1983 Petey body. I woke up to a pulsating energy throughout my energy system. It was the additional energy and heightened vibratory state I had brought back with me from my visit with Alta Marta's energy. Her knowledge, awareness, and the wonder of the many facets of her personality charged through me. I opened my eyes to find my three younger children staring at me politely from outside of Crystal Heaven. "Heather just called," Sarah said, "she will be home for dinner in an hour."

My youngest, Cassie, who was 22 months old and very sweet said, "You look beautiful Mommy, and I love you!" She flopped herself down on top of me with a big hug and loads of giggles. Sarah and Solomon soon followed. We became a pile of hugs and love inside of Crystal Heaven. I somehow felt that Alta Marta was enjoying my reality as much as I enjoyed hers!

Later that night in my meditations, I communicated with my white blood cells, giving them instructions as to where my tumor was. The garbage eaters were hungry and grateful to eat the tumor. My dream visit with Alta Marta gave me the feelings and sensations of how to take control of my health! Elated yet exhausted by the day's experience I went to bed.

While drifting off to sleep Alta Marta flew through my head telling me to return because "There is another among us."

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