Energy Body Class

Learn the basics of meditation and about the soul's energy body.

Learn why and how grounding, running energy and channeling cleanses and energizes you in your daily life. Observe how the soul organizes and manifests the deeper roots of the personality through the chakras. Feel your own aura and learn to establish strong boundaries. Experiance how mediation creates time and space in your life to know and use your being in the energy body. The understanding and recognition of the soul's energy body is the basis for all psychic/spiritual work.

The class is divided into 4 sessions

  • Psychic Energy and Grounding
  • Energy Circuitry
  • Chakras: Psychic Energy Centers
  • The Human Aura

Clairvoyant Visualizations Class

The 4-week Clairvoyant Visualizations Series is designed to teach you the basics for reading psychic energy. Using meditative techniques you will develop your soul's clairvoyant eye. You will then learn to view your mental-image pictures which are electro-magnetic metaphors containing your thoughts and memories. You will learn to create and control your pictures to gain a deeper awareness of your own psychic process. By using simple techniques to release the emotional charge from troublesome images your pathway to spiritual autonomy begins. By the end of the series you will be able to give a reading and discover basic information about others by using the Heartsong symbol as a reading tool.

The class is divided into 4 sessions

  • Opening the 3rd Eye
  • Releasing Charged Images
  • Core Pictures
  • Symbolic Reading

PSI-Q 101 consists of 2 series of classes. They should be taken in order as each class builds on the prior class. Each series is 4 one hour streaming video lectures by Petey.