Heather's Story
Living in a family full of psychics is at the very least enlightening, refreshingly honest and always a learning experience. For as long as I can remember the terms aura, valence, karma, ground yourself, telepathy, get in the center of your head, mock-up, chakra, channelling energy, psychic picture, running energy, whack, and many more have been used freely in our family's vocabulary.

However , in the beginning of my teen years, I was somewhat embarrassed by the abnormality of my mother's work. My friend's parents were secretaries, school teachers, realtors, restaurant owners, homemakers, church ministers and a wide variety of other accepted occupations. All rewarding in their own ways, but none were quite as unique and original as my mom's. Petey Stevens is a healer, reader, co-creator, psychic, author, shaman and New Age teacher. She was and is in the public eye and beloved by many.

When I first began to reach puberty I wanted to blend into my peers. I wanted to go somewhat unnoticed as I started the everlasting search for my own identity. Let's face it, at 11 or 12 I was engulfed with embarrassment if the label on my cloths wasn't designer, or what everyone else was wearing that week. It was during this stage that my mother published her first book, OPENING UP TO YOUR PSYCHIC SELF and began to make television appearances. These were two things that interested me extremely. I have always enjoyed writing and at that point I had just begun a budding modeling career. For the first time in a couple of years we actually had common interests, and most importantly, I was slowly but surely maturing mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

As time went by, important elements grew in my mom's and my relationship: trust, friendship, honesty, and respect. My friends are often surprised at some of the things I share with my mother, but she told me once that she only wanted me to tell her what I felt comfortable telling her, because she's sure there are some things I wouldn't want her to know. The feeling is mutual. Privacy, in some cases, is a must sometimes

Like me, my friends have come to respect and sometimes make use of my mother's line of work. One of my close friends went on a past life regression with my mother for TV and used the experience for a school report All of my friends are curious and enjoy asking my mother questions like "What color is my aura today?" or "What was I in a past life?". They all "ooh" and "ah" at her crystal collection and some have even begun collections of their own. The key word here is curiosity, and I feel lucky to behold the small amount of information that I do.

As far as my family goes, we don't even think twice about using grounding techniques to help us fall asleep at night, or engage in in-depth conversations about things that don't even cross most other people's minds like; past lives, that we are all equal souls, what karma we might have with our friends or what life problems could be a reason a teacher at our schools might act in certain ways in the classroom. We are often known to send each other telepathic messages when we need to get in touch. The more I think about it, I realize how incredible it is for my sisters, Sarah(9) Cassie(6) and my brother Solomon(ll) to partake freely in these activities.

Only being 15 myself I know that there is still so much more for me to learn. I am grateful to have a family which lets me be myself and a family that is open enough to be themselves. I must add that I am truly proud of my mother, not only because I am impressed by her achievements, but because she cares enough about herself and others to set a fine example and strong enough to reach her goals regardless of other's opinions.

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