HEARTSONG (1976-1991)

Heartsong School of Expanded Perception was a grassroots, social experiment which included over 50,000 student participants from all over the world. Heartsong was located in the San Francisco Bay Area from 176 to 1991.

Armed only with her belief that all people are psychic, Petey Stevens along with her former husband Rick Stevens was a pioneering force in the creation and continuation of Heartsong's direction. Attracted in to the project were like minded, like hearted, and like spirited individuals. The student body was comprised of a full spectrum of professionals to include a Nobel lauriete, doctors, nurses, chiropractors, lawyers, artists, system designers, teachers and parents who wished to incorporate her work into their professions. To Petey raising a child is as important as any other position in society.

Heatsong was a non-profit in the true sense of the world, no one profited financially and everyone was afforded the opportunity to profit spiritually. When students could not afford the school financially Petey created a Bookstore with only one case of her book Opening Up to Your Psychic Self. Leanna Alba took over the actual day to day running of the bookstore which eventually sold local artists jewelry, crystals, Tibetan bowls and featured local artist’s paintings on the Bookstore walls.

Within the school Petey created a free energy healing circle and Saturday healing clinics. She created a Friday night lecture series to introduce her community to well known innovative authors and psychics, such as Kevin Ryerson, Shakti Gawain, Michael Jamal, Paul Williams, Dana Ulman and many more.

Petey's Heartsong credo is the metaphoric phrase "may the wings of your spirit join the heart of your body as you sing your own heart's song.

Petey continues to believe that a key element to improve the world is to reconcile the body and the soul.

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