Who is Petey Stevens

Petey is spirited and gifted metaphysician whose radiance and enthusiasm are compelling. Many say that her work is inspirational and that her love of life is contagious. To Petey all psychic abilities are part of the human potential, a potential which includes the body, the mind and the soul. Petey's unusual perceptive and unique style of psychism has attracted many radio and television shows to feature her work. She is a popular new-age speaker, psychic reader, and author. Her book Opening Up to Your Psychic Self has set the standard for many psychic schools.

Early in her own psychic opening she looked up the word psychic in the dictionary. According to Webster's Dictionary the word psychic comes from the Greek word "psychicos" and means "of or pertaining to the soul". Petey believes that humanity could not, nor would not exist without the presence of the human soul. Petey is dedicated to the development of the soul's psychic co-created universe and each person's attainment of their own psychic abilities to autonomously access information. The true psychic hotline is a direct connection with your own Inner Voice.

In 1976, armed only with her belief that we all have untapped psychic abilities, Petey cofounded and directed HEARTSONG Center for Expanded Perception in Berkeley/Albany. She pioneered the psychic field and was a teaching catalyst behind the psychic opening process of over 50,000 students.


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