Living Within the Cosmic Laws of the Universe

Living in the light of your soul's essence depends on understanding and abiding by the Cosmic Laws of the Universe that govern energy. Psychic energy has electromagnetic properties and is subject to laws pertaining to electromagnetism. Buddhists talk of walking the spiritual path. The following cosmic laws will guide you in safety as you walk the spiritual path to your Higher Self...the highest vibration of your soul's pure essence energy. Being psychic is not just giving a reading, it's a way of life!


You are the captain of your own aura. No one else lives in your body except you. No one else thinks, sleeps, eats, or feels in your body. It is your temple, your kingdom. No one else has the right to manipulate or govern you. The final decision about everything you do is completely up to you. You are the God/Goddess of your own Universe.


You must have complete responsibility for your own energy. Friends, family, and counselors can help you, but only you can change or use your own energy. The same is true with other people's energy. You can give them help and assistance, but you cannot do it for them. Respond to your own abilities is the true meaning of responsibility.


This law could also be called the law of right-use-ness. When you use your energy for the good of all, your energy is aligned with vibrations of energy reflective of great spiritual maturity, using your energy the right way. When your thoughts, feelings, and ethics are strong and pure, your vibration of energy is similar to that of the greatest masters who have ever lived. With you energy running at this high vibration, you not only attract thoughts and feelings that are of the same high order, but you are also open to the highest thoughts and feelings that emanate form our collective mind, the Akashic Records.


What you resist, you become. You carry an energy pattern of what you resist in your energy body. It acts like a magnet attracting what you resist. By trying to shield out what you resist the energy pattern pulls and then pushes what you resist automatically. The pull and push often creates a silent battle within yourself. You are witnessing the electromagnetism of energy. On a feeling level, your entire physical body will tighten up with resistance. Your lips will purse, your body will become tense. In extreme cases of resistance, the energy in your aura will flatten and stiffen, creating an atmosphere of rebellion around you. Everything will irritate you, because it sticks to you because of the law of attraction. Therefore what you resist persists.


Like energy attracts like and complementary energy. Whatever the energy vibration you put out in the world is it will eventually attract similar and complementary energy vibrations back to you. In this way, your whole aura is an electromagnetic mirror. You are cause and effect in action. You put it out, you get it back.

Selfish and cruel behavior attracts the same in return, while goodness and altruistic behavior attracts similar energies. Through the Law of Attraction , you can learn to attract what you want in your life by first living it in you aura. If you want to be loved, you have to give out love. If you want to be treated well, you have to treat yourself and others well. Your energy directs your actions and will draw to you exactly what matches your energy.


It is never necessary to experience scarcity, because this universe is totally equipped with a potential abundance of everything. When you fear scarcity, you carry thoughts and feeling about scarcity. These thoughts and feelings attract scarcity to you. When you carry thoughts and feelings of abundance, you live in abundance. Giving of you abundance creates a space that attracts like energies to it. You get more when you give. Abundance rests on what you need, no more, no less.