Open Up To Your Psychic Self

Psychics perceive and experience all vibrations of energy. All things in this universe are made up of energy moving at different vibrations. All life forms, places, and things are composed of tiny sparks of electromagnetic energy, each distinguished from all others by it's vibratory rate. To begin your psychic opening and developement process you must know your own electromagnetic essence energy.

Essence Energy Exercise

  1. Sit in a straight-backed chair with your hands and feet separated and your eyes closed.
  2. Let go of all expectations about this exercise.
  3. Begin to notice your breath. With every inhalation, imagine that you are inhaling your own soul's very personal and private essence energy through your mouth. Postulate that with every exhalation you are releasing and letting go of energy that does not belong to you. Inhale yourself, exhale all others. Inhale more of yourself and exhale more of all others. Continue to inhale and exhale, filling your chest cavity and then emptying. Inhale and exhale, filling your lower torso and then emptying. Inhale and exhale, breathing in your own essence energy, and exhaling all others. Inhale more of yourself into your arms and hands then exhale all others out of your arms and hands. Finally, inhale your own pure essence energy into your head and exhale the energy of all others.
  4. Did you know or see a color in your mind? If so, what was the color in your mind? Did you hear any words describing a color? Did you feel an emotion or state of consciousness? If so what did you feel?
  5. Maintain your own essence energy with your breath and postulate that from this moment on you will take in only your own soul's essence energy so that you can realize who you are and be yourself.
  6. As you experience you essence energy, you will notice that you are not your physical body, you are not your car, your house, your thoughts, or your feelings. You are not your failures or successes. You are also not what others think or say about you. You are not your experiences. You are a soul, a divine and immortal being, a conscious energy unit in a vast pool of energy whose totality is the Whole God Spirit. You are the God/Goddess of your own personal universe, focused in time and distinguished from all other energy units by the vibration of your soul's pure essence energy.
  7. End the exercise and open your eyes and bend over to bring life giving blood to your head and to physically punctuate the end of your meditation.

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