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Opening up to Your Psychic Self ($9.95 plus tax)
Many awareness schools and psychic teachers use Petey's Opening Up to Your Psychic Self as the definitive book for the psychic opening process. Opening Up takes you from A to Z of the Heartsong Method. It contains over 140 meditative exercises which have empirically proven themselves for the personal opening of over 30,000 students at the Heartsong Center for Expanded Perception. Opening Up also contains the pictures and charts that were given as handouts in Heartsong's classes. Learn to ground, run energy, look at your own aura, read your communication style and more. Open yourself up in the privacy of your own home and sing your own heart's song.

(in Dutch see below *)

What is Your PSI-Q? ($12.95 plus tax)
What is Your PSI-Q? is a coffee table psychic book. Fun to do alone or at a party, the PSI-Q test will show you just how psychic you are. Nine Heartsong students and teachers relate their personal psychic opening experiences. From an award winning CalTrans engineer, to a Rockmed Volunteer, these special people relate the confusion and hard work involved in taking their psychic process seriously and learning to accept themselves as psychic in their daily lives. PSI-Q also contains techniques on how to give a psychic reading and developing your own abilities such as clairsentience, Deja Vu, Telekinesis, Astral Projection, Time Travel, Inner Voice, prediction and clairvoyance.

(in German see below **)

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(Entdecken Sie Ihre übersimlichen Fähigkerten)
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8000 München 80, Germany

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