Psychic Sessions with Petey

Every psychic has certain talents and abilities. Some predict and read futures. Some get names and faces. Petey's abilities lie in seeing your soul's highest potential (The higher self) and the blocks that keep you from manifesting that potential fully.

Life Reading

Who are you? What is you life's purpose? What situations or people restrict you from following your own soul's true nature and life's pathway? A life reading reveals the childhood programming, attitudes and beliefs as well as the karmic relationships that shape your daily reality. Ask any questions you want an answer to. A life reading targets, assists and encourages your soul integrity to emerge.

Vibrational Healing

Physical pain, emotional and mental stress, and/or spiritual darkness are blocks that announce a lack of alignment and balance between your body, mind and soul. By employing psychic energy and vibrational tones, these blocks can be eliminated. You need not be sick to receive a vibrational healing.

Relationship and/or Family Reading

Are you soulmates, bonded through time, or are you attracted to each other by matching or similar family or familiar dynamics? What are your karmic ties? A relationship reading encourages pure, honest, soul-to-soul communications with each other. Both or all members of the relationship need not be present for the reading.

Regression (Past or Present Lives)

Do you have problems, issues, fears, attitudes, or beliefs that rule your life? By regressing back to the beginnings of this life or into a past life you can unlock and resolve the shadows that control your present moment reality. You are consciously aware of your experience while you are regressing and are therefore able to recall your memories later independently from the regressionist.

Future Progressions

Consciously create your own reality! Through the use of time lines and psychic "mock-ups", a future time progression gives you the opportunity to see what you want and to remove or alter the dynamics, patterns, or people in your life that stand in your way. Define and create your best possible realities by releasing all that distorts your soul's uniquely expressive creativity.

Inner Family

The physical universe is a university for the soul. The planet Earth is the classroom and each lifetime is a semester; LIFE 101, LIFE 102, etc. You bring with you a study course card, a sort of karma card that contains the spiritual lessons you will earn and the karma you must complete this lifetime. Your inner family is the Earth grid or karma card. Rescuing your inner child, developing your inner adult, allowing your inner analyzer and judge to work together are just four of the twelve past and future lives that you work with. Have a family your own inner family!

Combination Session

To fulfill your own personal needs and situation choose a combination session.

All sessions are taped for your convenience. Life readings and Relationship readings can be done over the phone. $100 for 1 hour; $55 for 1/2 hour

Email for an appointment with Petey. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area the session can be done in person, all other sessions are done by phone.


Invite Petey to your group or organization for a lecture or psychic readings. Petey is quite entertaining as well as educational. She delivers a wide variety of information on the different aspects of the psychic human being.

Topics include:

Healing Circle Spirit Guides
Soulmates Opening your Heart
The Psychic Child What is your PSI-Q?
Opening up to your Psychic Self Psychic Dynamics of Relationships
The Inner Family Crystal Heaven
Being Psychic on the Job Psychic Development Series

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