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The symbol of the heart with wings represents a co-created safe and peaceful world by personally creating a balanced peace within oneself. Within each individual's heart there is a tone of electromagnetic essence energy germane only to them. When discovered, that individual's peace begins. Surely a compassionate and personally peaceful self-awareness with love enables spirituality in every day life.

The Heartsong Method is both a model for public psychic education and an experimental social consciousness that strives to be at one with the evolving needs of humankind to maintain a spirit of inquiry and compassion while going about the daily routine of "living.". The Heartsong method attracts like-hearted, minded and spirited individuals and serves them as a vehicle for personal transformation, soul enLIGHTenment and world peace. It is through the understanding of one's own soul and one's relationship to all energies that enables co-creation in a pro-evolutionary atmosphere so necessary for the promotion of a peaceful world community. Truly the wings of the spirit meeting the heart of the body!

The Heartsong Internet Psychic School will teach you how to become more psychic yourself through the use of video and audio using streaming media. Heartsong was a physical school for 25 years. To learn more about Heartsong's history click here.

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